Biosolids Case Studies

  1. BioConĀ®: A Class A Solution

    The Picnic Point Wastewater Treatment Facility was faced with reaching their plant processing capacity. The plant was sending its biosolids to be incinerated and part of this challenge was to find a way to manage the biosolids produced by this facility. Hauling and disposing of this sludge was difficult and becoming expensive. It was desirable to have a Class A biosolid to alleviate this concern and be more environmentally conscious.

  2. SRT Solar Dryer Uses The Sun To Reliably Produce Biosolids

    A water reclamation facility needed to improve their biosolids handling process in their planned expansion. The solution needed to reduce sludge volume, produce reusable material, be simple to maintain, and provide cost effective operation.

  3. Water Supply Needs At Odds With Regional Demands To Lower Power Use

    The shoreline of the Red Sea is a dazzling destination for tourists and locals to experience the beach and enjoy marine activities. In Egypt, the shoreline sprawls from the Suez Canal in the north, down to the southern part of the country bordering Sudan.

  4. Water pollution abatement facility examines available technologies for dewatering mixed raw biosolids

    When facility officials investigated alternative technologies to vacuum filters, they found a separator that not only saves money on disposal and treatment costs, but also required less power, chemical use and operator attention...