Case Study

BioCon®: A Class A Solution


The Picnic Point WWTF is a new activated sludge plant using MBR’s and a Veolia BioCon Dryer. The facility also includes a headworks facility, UV disinfection and plant operations building.

Upgrading the facility with Veolia’s BioCon® biosolids dryer has reduced the amount of biosolids to be disposed of as well as producing a Class A biosolid. Having a Class A biosolids allows the Alderwood Water and Wastewater District to explore other sludge disposal options. In this case, dried biosolids from the BioCon are utilized by a third party to fertilize nearby agriculture. With the help of the BioCon dryer, the plant doubled its sewage treatment capacity, ensuring the site will be able to handle increased biosolids loads for the foreseeable future.