Biosolids Podcasts

  1. The Evolution Of Wastewater Reuse

    The need to conserve our water resources has gone from idealistic to imperative in recent years. There are countless ways that utilities are looking to meet that pressure, but few solutions are making more headway than wastewater reuse.

  2. Innovative Solutions For Sludge Collection

    David Barrasse, Regional Sales Manager East Coast with Brentwood Industries, spoke to Water Online Radio about the latest benefits of Brentwood’s Polychem system and the innovations that keep it on top.

  3. 'Hot' Water Treatment: Trending Technologies For Utilities

    What are the key innovations that are actually being implemented, here and now, and creating a paradigm shift in water and wastewater treatment? Jess Brown, VP and director of R&D for Carollo Engineers, tackles the question.