Product Showcase

  1. Flexbar Fiberoptic Flexible Borescope
    This general purpose fiberscope is designed to be a valuable inspection device which is capable of reducing or eliminating costly machine & equipment teardown for inspection purposes.
  2. Inline Fine Adjustor
    This new inline fine adjustor is designed for use with the company’s Instant Positioning-Instant Locking flexible holding arms
  3. Reprorubber Metrology Casting Material
    Reprorubber is a self-curing metrology casting material that provides virtually a perfect replica casting of internal and external forms.
  4. Opti-Zoom Video Inspection and Measurement System
    Flexbar introduces the new and affordable easy-to-use turnkey system packed with powerful features including the NEW Metronics QC200 Series Geometric Measurement DRO now featuring geometric tolerancing.
  5. Flexbar Digital Multi-Gage
    With today's high costs for measuring equipment and increased inspection and metrology requirements, the FLEXBAR DIGITAL MULTI-GAGE SYSTEM provides a highly effective and economical solution for a myriad of measurement applications.
  6. Composite Set of Surface Roughness Standards
    Our Economy, composite Set No. 16008 consists of 30 specimens 7/8 inches x 3/8 inches of electroformed solid nickel.
  7. Video Imaging and Measurement Software
    Able to make non-contact visual measurements and perform image acquisition and archiving, Vision Gage software lets the user
  8. Video Inspection and Measurement System
    Opti-Zoom is a turnkey system that performs inspection and measurements using zoom optics, video, and
  9. The Flexbar Surfmaster System
    The Flexbar Surfmaster Model 19500 features a non-moving gage head which provides average roughness (Ra) measurements by simply pressing the hand-held probe against the workpiece.
  10. Lifting Magnets
    Lifting magnets sized for any application.