Product Showcase

  1. Encoder Kit L
    The Encoder Kit L is a linear measuring system in its simplest form for use in applications where space is limited
  2. LEICA NA700 Series
    A short drop onto the ground, a fall into water, vibration from heavy machinery – with a LEICA NA700 level you just carry on working.
  3. TPS100 Construction & Civil Engineering Total Stations
    The TPS100 series comprises the TC and TCR models, both specially designed for construction survey tasks by Leica engineers. They are ideal for all kinds of basic construction and civil engineering survey work.
  4. Fundamentals of Fourth Generation Management
    Great organizations are fun to watch
  5. Guiding Successful Projects
    A management tool that many of our clients find indispensable
  6. People & Change: Planning for Action
    Leading effective change makes an organization more successful and more profitable
  7. ShadowMap CL - Machine-tool Error Reduction System
    Are your machines imperfect, but repeatable? Do you fine-tune your CNC machine-tool programs by adding or subtracting a few thousandths of an inch to the programmed coordinates?
  8. Pre-Print Labels
    When you need custom production capabilities Imtec can create a solution that saves you time and money. Whether you need incremental barcode labels or full color log tags.
  9. Borescope & Optical Inspection
    Flexbar offers a complete range of optical inspection and magnification instruments for a wide variety of inspection and viewing applications
  10. Flexbar Portable Digital Hardness Tester
    A quick and accurate pocket sized instrument incorporating a hardness impact probe, microprocessor and data display in a single compact unit.