News | April 23, 2024

ZEISS And Argolight Announce Partnership To Enhance Microscopy Imaging Quality Control

Today, ZEISS and Argolight announced their strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge quality control solutions of the French company into the extensive line of ZEISS microscopes. This will enable users to accurately measure and assess the performance of their microscopy systems.

An indispensable solution for comprehensive quality control
With a shared commitment to empowering customers and advancing scientific research, this partnership brings together the expertise of ZEISS and the innovative technology developed by Argolight. By utilizing Argolight's quality control solution with ZEISS microscopes, users will gain a powerful tool to document and verify the performance of their systems, subsequently ensuring the quality of their acquired images.

ZEISS recognizes the critical importance of precise and consistent imaging results in scientific research and manufacturing processes. Through this collaboration, the company aims to further support researchers, scientists, and professionals in numerous industries in achieving superior imaging outcomes by enabling them to assess and enhance the quality of their microscopy systems.

"We are excited to partner with Argolight to advance the field of microscopy," said Michael Albiez, Head of ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions. "By integrating Argolight's quality control solution for use with our microscopes, we enable our customers to document the reliability and reproducibility of their imaging, ultimately driving scientific progress and discovery."

"We are delighted to join forces with ZEISS, a true pioneer in the field," said Arnaud Royon, CEO at Argolight. "Our shared vision of improving the reliability and reproducibility of microscopy imaging will undoubtedly bring immense benefits to users worldwide. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in setting new standards for automated quality control in microscopy."

The partnership between ZEISS and Argolight marks a significant milestone in the quest for more precise and reliable microscopy imaging. By integrating Argolight's microscope quality control solution into ZEISS microscopes, customers can expect enhanced confidence in their results and an improved understanding of the performance of their imaging systems.

Source: ZEISS