News | January 11, 2018

VibrAlign Introduces The Smart Machine Checker, The Fixturlaser SMC

VibrAlign introduces the Smart Machine Checker, the Fixturlaser SMC. The SMC is a machinery diagnostic tool that empowers mechanics to instantly diagnose the health of their industrial machinery, while requiring no vibration training or certification.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) - VibrAlign Inc., exclusive U.S. distributor of FIXTURLASER alignment tools and ONEPROD brand condition monitoring systems, expands its product offering with the introduction of the Fixturlaser SMC. The SMC is a machinery diagnostic tool designed to give mechanics feedback on the health of their industrial machinery. The SMC detects more faults on more machines more accurately and reliably than any previous diagnostic tool.

The secret to the SMC’s accuracy is the patent-pending Accurex™ software inside. The team that created Accurex has worked on machinery diagnostic solutions for 30 years. Accurex empowers the Smart Machine Checker to detect:

  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Bearing defects – wear, lubrication
  • Shock/modulation (mounting, clearance, friction)
  • Structural resonance
  • Gear wear
  • Shock/modulation (gear)
  • Pump cavitation

“We’ve watched the Accurex diagnostic software get more and more powerful over time as it continues to learn and evolve,” according to David Zdrojewski, CEO of VibrAlign. “That makes the SMC a game changer in terms of keeping machines running.”

The Smart Machine Checker replaces an earlier version of the tool, called the HAWK. The new tool was designed to be even easier to use by incorporating machine templates right in the box so no internet or computer connection is required.

The SMC is not intended to replace a vibration-monitoring program. It is designed instead to supplement any existing condition-based maintenance practices by giving the power of on-demand diagnosis to the people that know their machines best: the mechanics. No vibration expertise or certification is required to use the tool. With no need for scheduling or route planning, the SMC empowers mechanics to check the health of their machines as needed. It is ideal for checking a machine after installation, post-repair, or anytime between reliability check-ins.

The SMC display unit is an industrial tablet with a color touchscreen that uses icons and straightforward instructions to guide the user through the diagnostic process. Users first select the template for the machine being checked. The user is then prompted to enter the RPM and horsepower of the machine, and whether the machine is rigidly or flexibly mounted. Next, the sensor is mounted on the machine at the designated bearing points and readings are taken. The wireless tri-axial sensor measures in the horizontal, vertical, and axial directions simultaneously. After the readings are taken the “diagnosis” button is pressed. The screen will display any machine defects, their severity and the SMC’s confidence level in the findings, as well as recommend any remedial steps. Finally, a full report can be created and exported as a MS Word document.

The SMC also comes with several built-in devices to help the mechanic deliver the most accurate and comprehensive machine health report possible: A stroboscope, used to pinpoint the exact RPM of a rotating machine, a laser pyrometer to check bearing temperature, and a camera for documenting sensor placement or machine defects.

Priced affordably, with the option of adding a powerful balancing package, the SMC belongs in any industrial environment, from small machine shops to massive refineries


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