News | September 29, 2003

Verisurf 9.1 Makes Model Based Inspection A Virtual Reality

Source: Verisurf Software

Verisurf Software, Inc., Industry Leading Metrology Software Developer and Coordinate Measuring Solutions Provider, Announces Its Latest Release of Verisurf, Version 9.1.

Anaheim, California, USA – September 2003 - Once again Verisurf sets the standard with its latest update, version 9.1. Added capabilities make true model-based inspection a reality. The software continues to keep pace with the latest in CAD/CAM technology, and is now available with direct file read of Catia 5 and Unigraphics NX. With the ability to read these new versions as well as previous ones, and with direct read of numerous other formats including Pro-E, Solidworks, and Autocad, there is no need to worry about an IGES translation, an avoidance which is increasingly preferred within industry. Also important is the movement towards solid models, and Verisurf is ready with solids capability.

Verisurf's impressive new alignment routine, AutoAlign, is rapidly becoming the method of choice for aligning the measuring device and test specimen to the CAD model. It's simple, fast, accurate, and it's automated. For some time now, Verisurf has pioneered real-time virtual world inspection and assembly. With added features and capabilities, version 9.1, continues to solidify Verisurf as the definitive 3D gage. In addition to AutoAlign, there are numerous other customer-driven features such as the ability to "build" to selectable entities. This allows tremendous flexibility and discrimination for this real-time function. Also new are numerous dynamic, color-coded graphics tools (gages, arrows, etc.) that give invaluable assistance to the operator. These are especially helpful when using portable devices where the operator needs to view the screen from a distance.

Verisurf's new automation functions are another leap forward in model based definition (MBD). "Automate" and "AutoInspect" provide inspection routine authoring and user-prompted inspection plans. This includes the ability to tolerance individual entities/features on the model, to reference (measure) them from other entities, and to provide full tabular and graphical reporting. Unlike scripting and other techniques requiring highly skilled programmers, this system is graphics based (live model, mouse-selected, menu and tab controlled) and therefore is easier and faster to create and run inspection routines. Also supportive of MBD as well as PLM is version 9.1's ability to export to database configurable for all database platforms via ODBC.

Verisurf continues as the industry standard for offline comparison and analysis of CAD model to CMM data. It has extensive analysis tools, highly customizable reporting and flexible best-fit capability. The "Reverse" module continues to offer an excellent solution for discreet point reverse engineering. Version 9.1 also incorporates numerous improvements to its already unbeatable, manufacturing-oriented CAD system.

With both its earlier as well as new innovations, Verisurf offers significant advancement in computer aided manufacturing technology. Enterprises that use it stand to make huge gains in quality, productivity and product life-cycle management.