White Paper

Unlocking Innovation — Advancing The Water Industry Through Policy-Making, Portfolio Planning And Project Delivery

A briefing on “Unlocking Innovation — Advancing the Water Industry through Policy-Making, Portfolio Planning and Project Delivery,” a high-level workshop organized for the Water Leaders Summit at the 2012 Singapore International Water Week — February 2013.

Innovation — how to foster it and apply it to address water issues shared by communities worldwide — was the focus of a leadership workshop at the 2012 Singapore International Water Week (SIWW). The Water Leaders Summit brought together nearly 100 water leaders from government, non-profit and commercial sectors from six continents. In an interactive workshop-style meeting, the participants discussed avenues for bringing innovation to the water industry.

This paper delves into more detail on a range of best practices and emerging ideas that were shared by leaders throughout the event. Emerging concepts discussed in the pages to follow include the balancing of resilience with efficient planning, the benefits of viewing policy from a broader, regional perspective, and the introduction of opportunities that could be gained from “economies of scope.”

To watch a video about the white paper and read the top line findings, visit here.