News | November 5, 2007

SpectrEcology Announces Release Of Smart Cuvettes For pH And pO2 Measurement


Dunedin, FL - SpectrEcology announces the release of the smart cuvettes that measure pH and pO2.

The pHuvette is an optical pH sensor embedded in the wall of a standard 1 cm cuvette. The sensor is a proprietary nano-material that traps bromcresol green pH indicator ions in a hydrophilic sol-gel cage. The pHuvette can be used with any spectrophotometer to provide accurate stable measurements of the pH of the fluid contained in the cuvette.

pHoxyvette is a smart cuvette with an embedded oxygen sensor. Hydrophobic sol gel traps a ruthenium fluorescent compound. Oxygen is determined using phase fluorimetry to measure the fluorescence quenching.

pHoxyvette is a smart cuvette with both pH and pO2 sensors.

SpectrEcology offers smart cuvettes in a 1 cm disposable version, but can install the sensors in any transparent container wall. Complete systems include spectrometers and phase fluorimeters, fiber probes and cuvette holders. Smart cuvettes are ideal for measuring respiration rates, biological oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD), water quality, or the gaseous environments of sealed systems such as CO2 lasers.

SpectrEcology designs and develops new products based on optical sensing for field science, in-situ or environmental applications. SpectrEcology also distributes the complete Ocean Optics line of miniature spectrometers, fiber optics, chemical sensors Ultra Fast Laser Pulse Characterization and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.

SOURCE: SpectrEcology