News | August 27, 2007

SensorTran Delivers World's First Auto-Correcting Calibration For DTS

Austin, TX - SensorTran Inc., a developer of the world's most advanced distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technology, recently announced the general availability of its DTS Calibration Module. This proprietary hardware system enables the first truly auto-correcting calibration for DTS, which provides oil & gas and electrical power companies the simplest, fastest, most reliable DTS deployments in the industry.

SensorTran's Calibration Module, which works in conjunction with the company's DTS 5100 family of products, offers continuous verification of calibration and automatically adjusts itself when discrepancies are identified. This auto-correcting capability provides huge cost savings by ensuring superior DTS reliability and freeing crews to concentrate on mission-critical tasks instead of resource intensive DTS deployments.

"Auto-corrective calibration has always been seen as unachievable in the DTS industry, and we're proud to be the first to offer this critical capability," said Kent Kalar, CEO of SensorTran. "Our Calibration Module creates an auto-correcting DTS solution that requires minimal human intervention, even with portable systems that are connected to new probes all the time. This creates tremendous time and cost savings for our customers."

The SensorTran Calibration Module creates a unique thermal profile with high and low temperature reference points that DTS units automatically recognize as being generated by the Calibration Module. The DTS unit uses these temperature reference points for accuracy verification and auto-correcting the calibration of the DTS.

SensorTran's DTS 5100 family of products has the industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio, which together with its advanced data processing techniques provides the fastest measurement speeds in the industry. Because of its shorter read times, one DTS 5100 can provide the same monitoring coverage of several less efficient DTS units with better overall system measurement time.

SOURCE: SensorTran Inc.