News | June 12, 2024

Renishaw Introduces The RMP24-Micro, Now Available To Order

Global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, is pleased to announce the availability of the RMP24-micro, the worlds smallest wireless probe for machine tools. This innovative probe combines compact dimensions with exceptional metrology performance, making it a valuable tool for precision manufacturing.

The RMP24-micro measures just 24 mm in diameter and 31.4 mm in length. Despite its small form factor, it delivers impressive measurement repeatability of 0.35 µm 2σ, setting a new standard for wireless probes in this size category. The micro-kinematic mechanism within the probe promotes ultra-low trigger forces, ensuring gentle contact with workpieces during probing. This not only minimises the risk of damage, but also reduces part deflection for enhanced measurement accuracy.

Designed for compact machines that manufacture high-value, high-precision components, the RMP24-micro is well suited to applications in industries including medical, dental, watchmaking, and micro-mechanics. Its compact size, low trigger force, and radio transmission make it the optimal probe for such small machines with delicate workpieces like those in found these applications. Tight measurement tolerances are easily achieved with the probes excellent repeatability and lobing performance, whilst its short length and radio communication makes it useable in confined spaces.

The RMP24-micro uses Renishaw's updated radio transmission protocol to communicate seamlessly with the machine tool controller via the RMI-QE radio interface. With an operating range of up to 5 meters, it employs a 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) protocol, compliant with radio regulations worldwide. This FHSS technology has excellent power efficiency and allows the probe to coexist harmoniously with other radio sources such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microwaves.

Renishaw's commitment to smart manufacturing is evident in the RMP24-micro. As part of the next generation of Renishaw sensors, this probe enables fast, accurate, and reliable part setup and verification for manufacturers of small, intricate components.

Will Fenn, Product Marketing Engineer for Renishaw's Machine Tool Products Division, expressed enthusiasm about the RMP24-micro: "Since we first previewed the product at EMO Hannover last year, we've had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the market. So, were delighted to announce the full release of RMP24-micro and eagerly await showcasing it at upcoming exhibitions throughout 2024 and beyond."

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Source: Renishaw