Portable K Series Optical CMMs Offer Efficient, Accurate Inspection Of Large Parts On The Shop Floor

Source: Brown & Sharpe, Inc.
NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI--Brown & Sharpe K Series optical coordinate measuring machines use advanced optical triangulation technology to gather accurate dimensional data quickly and efficiently in any production environment.

Brown & Sharpe has entered a joint marketing agreement with Krypton Electronic Engineering n.v., Leuven, Belgium, and is the exclusive North American distributor of the Krypton K Series optical CMMs.

These compact, portable measuring systems, manufactured by Krypton, combine three CCD cameras in an environmentally stable carbon-fiber frame with an ergonomically designed LED-driven probing device to measure large parts, such as sheet metal assemblies, dies, molds, car bodies, automotive interiors, and fixtures where they are located on the shop floor. Optional LEDs can be attached to the part and software added to the system to transform the CMM into a tool for dynamic measurement. With this Dynamic Measuring Machine (DMM) option, the motion of parts within their assemblies, such as the movement of a door in an automobile body, can be easily measured, calculated, and graphically displayed.

This new technology spans the market now served by articulated-arm CMMs and laser trackers. K Series optical CMMs provide easier set-up, fixturing and operation, while offering increased accuracy, speed of measurement and overall efficiency when compared with arms and trackers. These shop floor measuring systems also provide more data at higher collection rates than conventional articulated-arm CMMs. By incorporating CCD cameras and LEDs, rather than lasers, the optical CMM avoids the high cost and strict environmental issues associated with laser trackers. K Series optical CMMs also eliminate the recurring problem of accidentally interrupting a laser beam during measurement—an action that requires the operator to begin the measurement again.

Fast, Efficient Data Capture
Operators measure workpiece features using a simple handheld Space® Probe equipped with nine infrared LEDs. The operator records dimensional data by touching the workpiece feature with the Space Probe and triggering the probe's LEDs, sending a signal back to the CCD cameras. The data point is recorded through the process of triangulation. Using the Dynamic Referencing feature, the initial alignment of a workpiece is saved through the placement of LEDs directly on the part. Even if the workpiece and the system are moved, the part can be automatically realigned, saving time and improving inspection throughput.

K Series optical CMMs are available in two models. The K400 has a measuring volume of 160 cu. ft.(4.5 cu. meters); the larger K600, 600 cu. ft. (17 cu. meters). Additional temperature compensation utilities are included in both systems to deal with changing environments.

The K400 and K600 optical CMMs exclusively use PC-DMIS™ measurement and inspection software. This comprehensive software includes a large suite of analysis and reporting tools and an adaptable shop floor user interface. PC-DMIS is fully compatible, through its Direct CAD Interface™ option, with most major CAD systems allowing complex part programs to be constructed using the part's original CAD design data.

The K Series optical CMMs are available in portable and mobile configurations. The portable configuration includes camera, controller, Space Probe, portable industrial PC and industrial camera tripod. The mobile configuration includes a camera, an industrial mobile camera trolley. and a mobile workstation complete with pre-installed controller, PC, printer, Space Probe holder and universal power supply stabilizer.

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