News | May 10, 2017

Pharos Diagnostics Validates Endocrine And Vitamin Analyses Using Mass Spectrometry

Tucson, AZ /PRNewswire/ - Pharos Diagnostics recently completed validation of four proprietary methods for accurately measuring a broad list of hormones, steroids, and vitamins. These compounds require extremely sensitive instruments due to the minute amounts found in the body. Pharos Diagnostics' utilizes mass spectrometry to deliver accurate measurement to doctors and other healthcare practitioners for the best visibility into their patient's health. As an example, instead of a typical combined "total" estrogen test, Pharos Diagnostics provides accurate measurements for the individual components of estrogen (estradiol, estriol and estrone), each of which has very different functions.

"Human and veterinary clinicians in the Tucson area have historically relied on less accurate measurement methods for hormones, steroids and vitamins, or had to send samples out of town, or out of state, leading to long turnaround times and higher costs," said Dr. Diane Eklund, Medical Director. Pharos Diagnostics will provide faster turnaround time, better accuracy, and lower costs to clinical and academic customers.

Hormone imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, and vitamin deficiencies underlie numerous health issues. Accurate measurement of those compounds, and the ratios between them, supports better diagnosis and treatment.

As the leading commercial mass spectrometer laboratory in Southern Arizona, Pharos Diagnostics is proud to be a participant and supporter of the Tucson area's rapidly growing center of diagnostic excellence.

About Pharos Diagnostics LLC.
Pharos Diagnostics LLC. is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Tucson, AZ primarily serving the western and southwestern regions of the United States. Pharos Diagnostics is CLIA-certified and meets all regulatory, fair billing practice and state and federal requirements. To learn more visit or call Jacqueline Heil at 520-355-4500.

SOURCE: Pharos Diagnostics

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