PC-DMIS 3.5 Adds Streamlined, Customizable User Interface, Improved Scanning And Graphics Capability

Source: Brown & Sharpe, Inc.
NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI--PC-DMIS version 3.5 measurement and inspection software from Brown & Sharpe adds a fully configurable, more intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)for easier operation.

Open architecture PC-DMIS is available on all new Brown & Sharpe machines and can be installed on existing Brown & Sharpe machines. It has been adapted for easy upgrading as a plug-in module to LK, Romer, Giddings & Lewis, SMX, Mitutoyo, CE Johansson, Starrett, Zeiss, Faro, Numerex, and Mora coordinate measuring machines.

PC-DMIS v3.5 is available as PC-DMIS PRO™, PC-DMIS CAD™ and PC-DMIS CAD++™. PC-DMIS PRO is a full-featured metrology software system. PC-DMIS CAD™ adds the ability to import CAD files. PC-DMIS CAD++™ adds a scanning function and the capability to handle thin walled parts, glass and plastics.

The new GUI blends power with simplicity by leveraging some of the best characteristics of the interfaces found on Brown & Sharpe's Tutor and Reflex software programs. The interface is designed to provide users of all skill levels with easy access to the powerful routines in PC-DMIS software. The customizable graphic user interface features iconized tool bars that can be modified or deleted to streamline and simplify commands. "One click" start routines for probe qualifications, part alignments and reporting functions improve inspection efficiency. The tool bars can be floated anywhere on the screen or can be docked against any screen edge.

User specific profiles, available in v3.5, allow operators to save a particular interface, including the placement of tool bars and windows on the screen.

In addition to the more intuitive operator interface, PC-MIS v3.5 includes the capability for fully automated probe qualification of all tools in a rack. The probe calibration can be saved by name to allow the user to recall a specific setup and run it. The software also allows the user to load and unload tools from the rack unattended for added efficiency.

A rotary scan feature in PC-DMIS 3.5 creates a circular scan pattern on the surface of a part around a feature. This is particularly valuable for checking dimensions of mating part surfaces.

PC-DMIS offers DIRECT CAD™ Interface (DCI) to such programs as CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro Engineer, SDRC, and the common CAD format, ACIS. This allows users to create part programs directly on the native CAD model, utilizing the native CAD system algorithms and tools, eliminating any translation from the original CAD design intent, and also reducing programming time and improving accuracy. In its expanded CAD capability, PC-DMIS 3.5 offers the added ability to associate one CAD file with multiple part programs, saving computer space. The new version of PC-MIS also includes the ability to display the images of DCI parts even if the CAD licenses are not currently available.

PC-DMIS Direct Translators allow for the use of a native CAD model when the user does not own that specific CAD system. Files can be translated directly into the PC-DMIS native CAD format, similar to IGES, but with no need for an IGES file to be generated out of the CAD system. Direct translators are available for CATIA, Pro Engineer, Unigraphics and SDRC. Other improvements in PC-DMIS v3.5 include the capability to move all five axes of the coordinate measuring machine simultaneously, added support for continuous scanning simulation when using an SP600 probe, filters to select specific dimensions, and improved contour mapping capability.

In addition, PC-DMIS offers fully supported migration paths to all existing Brown & Sharpe legacy software products such as MICROMEASURE™ IV, AVAIL™, QUINDOS®, TUTOR™, CHORUS™, CHORUS NT™, CHORUS CAD™ and MASTER™. These migration options include translators to effectively move existing part programs into the PC-DMIS environment, as well as text editors and execution engines for the legacy products. Thus, current Brown & Sharpe customers can continue to use their existing part programs while taking full advantage of the state-of-the-art power of PC-DMIS.

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