News | May 4, 2021

Nikon Metrology And MENA3D Announce The Renewal Of Their Partnership In The Middle East And North Africa Regions

Mena3D and Nikon Metrology are happy to announce that they are expanding their sales partnership and mutual approach in providing state-of-the art metrology and optical inspection solutions in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

As an official partner of Nikon Metrology, one of the leading manufacturers of metrology and quality inspection equipment, Mena3D will promote the distribution and sales of products such as Video Measuring Instruments, Industrial Microscopes, Optical Measuring Instruments as well as Nikon’s top shelf laser scanning solutions.

Mena3D has been in the industry of supplying the latest technology including reverse engineering, inspection, quality control and GD&T measurement, GPS, GIS, UAV and 3D laser scanning and software for many applications for more than 5 years.

The expanded Nikon Metrology and Mena3D partnership brings together two companies sharing a single goal of providing unparalleled metrology technology and support to customers with the best fitting solutions for practically any application imaginable. The root of this partnership is Mena 3Ds long experience and deep knowledge of 3D metrology equipment, such as Nikon’s laser scanners.

“We, at Mena3D are proud to expand this partnership with Nikon Metrology. We look forward in strengthening and developing not only the 3D metrology and laser scanning side of this business, but add even more excellent Nikon solutions to it!” states Dr. Khaled Nabbout, General Manager of MENA3D.

The positive excitement continues with the recent addition of NEXIV - Nikon’s epic optical Video Measurement Systems plus Nikon’s Industrial and Measuring Microscope Solutions. This new collaboration will allow Mena3D customers to have access to a wide range of Nikon Metrology products to assist with demonstrations, training and ensuring customers find their perfect solution.

“I am delighted that Nikon Metrology are able to partner with Mena3D for sales of our products across the Middle East. Their existing knowledge in Metrology and the work they have put in to understanding our NEXIV video measurement systems and Industrial Microscopy products, will result in our customers being well supported in the region. I am looking forward to working closely together with Mena3D for many years ahead…” says Phil Wilson, NEXIV Group Leader – Europe.

Source: Nikon Metrology