News | January 18, 2023

New Off-Axis Measurement In The CARTO Software Suite Transforms 5-Axis Machine Tool Calibration

Renishaw has incorporated its new Off-axis rotary measurement mode into the CARTO software suite, providing a single source for testing off-axis measurement using the XR20 rotary axis calibrator and XL-80 laser system. The latest release of CARTO, version 4.7, streamlines the measurement of rotary positioning accuracy for 5-axis machine tools, where the XR20 rotary axis calibrator cannot always be mounted on the centre of rotation.

CARTO is a single software solution for Renishaw’s range of calibration products. Data is collected using the CARTO Capture application and the CARTO Explore application is used for data analysis. The new Off axis rotary measurement mode in the CARTO Capture application is a licensed option and allows the XR20 rotary axis calibrator, combined with the XL-80 laser system, to capture off-axis measurements in one session.

Dan Throup, Product Owner – Calibration Software, explained, “A single test record is created in the CARTO database, significantly reducing the number of steps in the measurement process. This improved method gives greater data integrity and traceability from the Explore application to analyse the results. In addition, the Capture application now uses a new automatic sign detection move when capturing the angular errors associated with an off-axis test. This simplifies the process and reduces the chance of user error.”

Since its launch in 2012, the Renishaw XR20 rotary axis calibrator has become established as the market-leading solution for direct measurement of rotary errors for stages, jigs, and machine tools. The new Off-axis rotary measurement mode in the CARTO software suite provides a simple, accurate check for the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes of any configuration.

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Source: Renishaw