News | January 13, 2005

New FARO Laser Tracker 'X' Targets 3D Measurement Extremes

Source: FARO Technologies Inc.

Lake Mary, FL - FARO Technologies, Inc., the only company with a complete line of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems for the Computer-Aided Measuring (CAM2) market, announced the release of its new FARO Laser Tracker X, featuring the Company's latest technological advancement: XtremeADM (patent pending).

"Thousands of trackers are in use and have been the standard for the past 12 years for providing automotive, aerospace and other large-part manufacturers with a means of ensuring quality for assemblies and components beyond the measuring capabilities of other CMMs or portable CMMs," FARO CEO and President Simon Raab said. "With XtremeADM and its other innovations, the new FARO Laser Tracker X allows facilities to perform those measurements with greater ease, accuracy and cost efficiency."

The FARO Laser Tracker X is a portable, 3D measurement system that uses laser technology to effectively and accurately measure large-scale parts, tooling and machinery. The system measures XYZ coordinates with its laser by following a hand-held mirrored, spherical probe. The 3D position of the probe is reported in real-time thanks to high-accuracy angular encoders and the new XtremeADM feature.

"One of the things XtremeADM achieves is that it eliminates the need for an interferometer to measure distance," FARO Laser Product Manager Chuck Pfeffer said. "That makes the model X not only less expensive, it also makes it more efficient so users can now perform all of their measurements in one mode, rather than constantly switching back and forth. This is the easiest- to-use laser tracker ever built."

XtremeADM also enables the FARO Laser Tracker X to overcome line-of-sight issues. If a person or object comes between the Tracker's beam and the probe, the user can immediately relocate the beam and continue measuring, rather than going back to a stable point as with other systems.

In addition to offering up to 0.001" accuracy and 230-foot range, the FARO Tracker X has an Instant-On Laser for immediate measuring capability (compared to 20 minutes for competitors' trackers) and Self-Comp, which eliminates the previously time-consuming and user-intensive compensation process. Press one button and the FARO Tracker performs a fully automated compensation routine in only five minutes, quickly ensuring high accuracy.

Other exclusive features such as Smart Warm-up and Active Thermal Compensation ensure stable, precise measurement by managing the Tracker's temperature in almost any environment from factory floors to virtually any remote operation. Besides its diverse measurement applications, FARO Laser Trackers are used to align such diverse equipment as ore crushers in gold mines and assembly robots in auto body plants.

It is also available with a wide range of accessories, including Wireless Ethernet, and can be used in combination with the FaroArm, FARO's portable articulating arm CMM, in order to digitize areas hidden by line-of-sight limitations – the points all other tracker systems miss. Even with the advanced technology and additional features in the new model, the FARO Laser Tracker X costs $89,900 – which is $35,000 less than the Tracker SI model.

"This makes the new Tracker X the only device with such powerful capabilities at such a low price point," Raab said. "This will allow more facilities to make the investment now and take advantage of the capital expenditure tax break before it expires at the end of 2004."

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