News | September 18, 2023

NADAtech Delivers Next Level Bow Warp Measurement Systems

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ - NADA Technologies, Inc. (NADAtech) announced today that its fully automated solution for 150/200 and 300mm Wafer Bow Warp measurement fully meets customers target specifications at a fractional price of existing solutions and with a significant throughput improvement.

NADAtech is known for engineering dual and triple functionality into their automation solutions for increased capacity and yield while minimizing equipment footprint. The Bow Warp add-on module continues this trend. Utilizing an award-winning optical tomography sensor, the new module measures total thickness variations, bow, warp and voids in a single scan that takes only seconds, with no compromise to accuracy. Taking measurements from just one side of the wafer, it can measure an entire 12" wafer made from any material in a single pass, including component coatings. Added to NADAtech's T-Series wafer sorter, the AOI capabilities bring customers a competitive advantage in measurement, inline inspection, and quality control, while also running up to three other recipes at the same time.

"We are so excited to bring this new technology to market. There has been significant interest in this new platform from multiple customers and shipments have already begun in 2023. This system will open new markets to NADAtech while offering far greater efficiency to our customers," said Tim Ewald, CEO of NADAtech.

Contact NADAtech to learn more about the new Bow Warp Measurement System and how it can improve throughput in any facility.

About NADA Technologies, Inc.
NADA Technologies, Inc., known as NADAtech, provides wafer automation solutions that help substrate, semi and compound semi manufacturers increase productivity, improve yields, and rapidly regain investments for meeting the competitive dynamics of their markets.

Striving for continuous product improvement, NADAtech understands the challenges that industry customers face and creates the best equipment and personalized solutions for their manufacturing requirements. Having served nearly every major semiconductor and silicon manufacturer in the world market, our experience building wafer sorters is unmatched.


Source: NADA Technologies, Inc.

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