Mitutoyo Roundtest® RA-1000 Series Offers Extreme Accuracy, Powerful Graphics

Source: Mitutoyo America Corporation

Aurora, IL -- Mitutoyo America Corporation Roundtest® RA-Series instruments offer enhanced performance for measurement of roundness/cylindricity of small-size workpieces (to 10kg max.).

Roundtest RA-1400/1500 instruments feature a powerful graphical user interface which includes solid 3-D modeling as part of the intuitive part-program editing routine as well as graphical machine controls, and a selection of easy-to-interpret graphical measurement-analysis tools.

Rountest RA instruments are equipped with turntables suspended by high-precision air bearings for extremely accurate rotation and elimination of performance deterioration due to wear with spindle error as low as 0.02µm. "Straightness of column" accuracies to 0.15µm/50mm and "parallelism of column" accuracies of 0.3µm/150mm are achieved (model RA-1500).

The Center and Level wizard makes workpiece centering and leveling simple and fast while measurement functions, including arc measurement, are automatic.

Roundtest systems are available in two configurations: The RA-1400 CNC 2D Measuring System is designed for the automation. The RA-1500 CNC 3D Measuring System is designed for the measurement of Cylindricity and Straightness on small workpieces complete with controller and software pre-loaded into an included PC with flat panel display and color printer.

A compact design that's competitively priced, Roundtest RA occupies only a small footprint on the test bench while delivering big value in the class of small
roundness/cylindricity measuring systems.

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