News | October 13, 2003

Mitutoyo Quick Scope® Extends Productivity of Microscope-Based Measuring Systems

Source: Mitutoyo America Corporation

Aurora, IL -- When conventional microscope-based measuring systems aren't productive enough yet the application doesn't justify a full-fledged vision system, Quick Scope® non-contacting, microscope-based measuring systems from Mitutoyo America Corporation bridge the gap.

Quick Scope is available in two configurations: the easy-to-operate, manual QS-E (economy) system and the CNC/manual (motor-driven) QS system. With their compact footprint design, each offers significant improvements in accuracy and throughput as compared to conventional microscope-based measuring when performing complex measurements for prototyping or lower volume batch work.

Ideal for observation/measurement of single workpieces, the QS-E is economical but not short on features, with a 0.1µm resolution, 6" (150mm) Z-axis range and variable magnification (adjusted by changing objectives). QS-E comes standard with co-axial surface illumination and contour stage illumination while fiber optic ring lighting is an option. Part programs are easily created in Windows® based QSPAK software while graphic and navigation functions allow for quick maneuvering around the workpiece.

Compared to a traditional microscope, the CNC-driven QS model can dramatically increase throughput; for example, typical lead frames are measured in less than 1/6th the time, PCBs in about 1/10th the time. QSPAK software provides the QS with a wide range of capabilities including zoom, auto-focus, measurement playback, one-click edge detection, graphic display, 48 different macros and a pattern matching function for several common part features. X, Y stage can be controlled by mouse or through the optional multi-function control box.