News | January 6, 2022

M&S Technologies Introduces The CTS Distance One™ Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Device For Use In Ophthalmic Clinical Trials

M&S Technologies today announced the newest enhancement to their Clinical Trial Suite (CTS).

Niles, IL (PRWEB) - Distance One™ is an ultrasonic measurement device that maintains a specified calibrated display-to-subject separation for precise distance testing.

“Ultrasonic sensors in the Distance One™ send, receive, and verify data every 0.025 seconds. When a patient moves out of range, the Auto-Motion Detection will pause the test and notify the technician of the distance deviation,” said Joe Marino, Founder and Global Head of M&S Technologies. “Further, the Distance One™ device is accurate to within 1 cm and seamlessly integrates with all CTS systems for both near and intermediate testing.”

CTS has been used in over 140 clinical trials and is recognized by the US FDA as an acceptable method of vision testing in all phases of clinical trials including PMA trials. CTS testing algorithms are science based, peer reviewed and published. CTS complies with all ANSI and ISO standards for vision and contrast testing and is CE certified for European distribution.

CTS test results are automatically calculated as letter score, logMAR, decimal score, and Snellen equivalent and reports are immediately available in XML or CSV format for export to any EDC, Reading Center, or other location of choice using secure trusted encryption.

For more information on the Clinical Trial Suite (CTS) modules, please call 1-847-763-0500.

About M&S Technologies:
M&S Technologies, a HILCO Vision Company founded in 1990 is a software development and device manufacturer, rooted in state-of-the art software development, local manufacturing, and superior customer service. M&S is known worldwide for leading technological advancements in visual testing systems. M&S is dedicated to bringing high quality, extremely accurate testing products to eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities.

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