News | October 24, 2023

Lookout Lab Releases Its Next Generation AI-powered Flow Meter And Data Analytics Platform For Water Management And Efficiency

Monterey, CA /PRNewswire/ - Lookout Lab, the pioneering provider of smart water applications and IOT devices, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking innovation: the world's first AI-powered, cloud-based flow meter called bluebot(™). With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, the bluebot flow meter can non-invasively and intelligently adjust itself in-situ to accurately measure any size or type of pipe up to 4". Now, water flow data capture is much more cost effective without sacrificing accuracy and performance or the need to cut pipes or use installers.

The bluebot flow meter is paired with a feature-rich, cloud-based app, and represents a significant advancement in water management, delivering universal capabilities that empower users to monitor and optimize their water usage and costs like never before. This breakthrough technology revolutionizes the way we approach water sustainability and ensures precision in measuring water flow across various applications and settings.

Key Features of the bluebot AI cloud-based flow meter

  • AI-Powered Flow Sensor Optimization: Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, the bluebot flow meter is clamped to the outside of any pipe, actively scans for optimal sensor signal strength and quality using AI, calibrates automatically, and flow data is collected and sent to the cloud and deployed to user devices like a smart phone app, web dashboard or API to user software.
  • Location Calibration: The bluebot AI cloud-based flow meter is equipped with intelligent in-situ calibration capabilities that adapt to the unique characteristics of the installation location. By analyzing application factors and flow patterns, the flow meter optimizes its performance to deliver accurate flow readings.
  • Universal Compatibility: The bluebot AI cloud-based flow meter is designed to be universally compatible with a wide range of pipe materials, sizes, and installation scenarios, indoors and outside. This versatility makes it suitable for residential, commercial, landscape and agricultural applications, offering a scalable solution for water management across diverse settings.

With the bluebot AI cloud-based app, users can gain valuable insights into their water usage, identify potential leaks or inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their water consumption and spending. The intelligent technology behind the solution ensures precision, reliability, and efficiency in water management, supporting sustainable practices and ESG / LEED efforts.

By harnessing the power of AI and cloud computing, Lookout Lab seeks to revolutionize the way individuals, businesses, and communities approach water management and create a more sustainable future.

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About Lookout Lab
Lookout Lab is a leading provider of cloud-based, smart water flow applications and analytics designed to leverage AI to economically capture water usage data from nearly any size or type of pipe with an easy-to-install, clamp-on IOT device. Lookout Lab's bluebot(™) empowers businesses, communities, the public sector and homeowners and renters alike with data to make smart water use, spending and efficiency decisions. A user-friendly app, subscription plans, and tailored enterprise features allow users to make informed decisions, create budgets and alerts, share and collaborate, and document and report their water journey, while meaningfully contributing to a sustainable future.

Source: Lookout Lab, Inc.

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