Laser Tracker, Portable CMM

Source: Leica Geosystems
The central concept behind the All-in-One Solution is Leica's Local Positioning Technology (LPT). Using a Laser Tracker equipped with a high-speed digital camera, the T-Cam, it is possible to determine the spatial location and direction of a free-moving hand or machine-held device. This device is equipped with a single reflector and a surrounding target diode cluster. The tracker measures the exact position of the reflector, the T-Cam images the diodes, and the two are combined to track position and orientation of the object in real-time with at least 100 Hz.
The Leica Laser Tracker is more than just a tracker; it is a portable CMM with tracking facilities. And with the unique All-In-One Solution, Leica Industrial Measurements takes metrology to a new dimension with a series of revolutionary features: Wireless and armless probing will enable you to carry out even deep measurements in parts and tools. As a wholly portable coordinate measurement system, the Leica Tracker allows you to scan and inspect on site all sizes of assembly parts as well as part-to-part assembly of large objects. Thanks to the embedded system control, the Laser Tracker can be controlled from any platform. Whether you choose Leica's leading inspection software Axyz or add new dimensions with the latest CAD-based software release, Horizon, Leica's Trackers give you perfect freedom and maximum ease of use. The open Leica Tracker with its built-in client server concept opens new dimensions for fast, easy, and flexible integration and enables you to completely integrate your Leica Tracker in your automation process in UNIX, Linux, and MS Windows. All Laser Trackers are equipped with high-precision vertical and horizontal angle encoders for precise angle measurements as well as the Leica patented interferometer for precise distance measurements. For the past half-decade, Leica Trackers have been equipped with the Leica patented absolute distance meter. This reliable device greatly speeds up manual measurement processes and enables the Leica Tracker to completely automate measurement processes. For over a decade, Leica's Trackers have defined metrology in the aerospace, automotive, and general industry. The latest generation of Leica Trackers will provide probing as well as scanning capabilities for measurement and analysis in any dimension, uniting all elements of metrology into a revolutionary All-In-One Solution. The new All-In-One Solution will allow you to assemble aircrafts faster, inspect motor parts more thoroughly and easier, minimize digitisation time and costs, and perform thorough inspections in minutes. The Leica Tracker All-In-One Solution will reduce your investment costs significantly by providing you with simply the most versatile coordinate measuring system ever. With a direct link to a powerful software package, you get real-time and easily understandable measurement results. This makes it easier than ever before to build to design as well as prove actual to design - without the need for any building infrastructure to inspect your work. While you can use any application software - customized or industry standard - Leica opens up new dimensions in your work with the new revolutionary Horizon suite may it be for Build & Inspect or Reverse Engineering with a unique set of reporting tools.