News | March 22, 2023

Italian Water Distributor, Abbanoa, To Deploy Itron's Next Generation Ultrasonic Water Meter For Massive Replacement Campaign On Island

Abbanoa to Deploy Itron Intelis wSource Smart Water Meters to Support More Responsible and Sustainable Water Use

Itron, Inc., which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced that it signed a contract with Abbanoa S.p.A., the main water distributor in Sardinia, Italy, to supply Itron Intelis wSource smart water meters to the utility to decrease water waste and support more responsible and sustainable water use. Itron's ultrasonic water meters will enable Abbanoa to harness the power of data and apply it to better manage water use and delivery of water on the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Itron's smart metering technology gives Abbanoa access to detailed and precise data on a frequent basis. Thanks to the meter's built-in alarms, the utility can quickly detect leaks in its water network to reduce non-revenue water loss. Among the key features of the Itron solution that Abbanoa will utilize are:

  • Innovative smart metering metrology: Abbanoa can collect meter readings remotely. The remote reading allows the utility to quickly identify usual water patterns. In turn, this can lower their customers water consumption due to things such as leaks and lower their bills.
  • Data collection simplified: The ultrasonic water meters have no moving parts and are designed to be long-lasting. The meters prevent unplanned maintenance costs while providing accurate water data.
  • Advanced analytics for improving efficiencies: The utility can get insight into the health of their water network. This helps to reduce real and apparent water loss.

"It is essential not to take water for granted, but rather to protect and manage it in the best possible way. This is especially true as a water distributor enabling ever-increasing services to our end-users. Taking advantage of Itron's smart metering system is included in our technological innovation plan that Abbanoa is adopting to improve service quality, speed up activity times and reduce costs," said Maurizio Zannol, who is responsible for the measures sector at Abbanoa. "With remote meter reading, in a single day, it will be possible to take as many as 2,500 consumption readings versus 200 with a traditional door-to-door system. As many of our customers have inaccessible meters or have meters located inside private homes, Itron's smart meters will allow us to simplify the data collection process with remote readings. We look forward to deploying Itron's ultrasonic smart meters with high-precision two-way communication and accessing key information such as leak detection and reverse flow."

"As the single operator of the integrated water service in Sardinia, it is critical that Abbanoa is able to reliably deliver water to its customers. With Itron's smart water meter, the utility will create the foundation for more efficient resource management," said Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron. "The meter is built to maintain the highest level of accuracy in some of the most challenging conditions, which will help deliver long-lasting results in the Sardinia island climate."

The Itron Intelis wSource is an ultrasonic water meter featuring an unmatched level of accuracy and advanced functionality to improve water network visibility, reduce water losses and enhance billing accuracy. It is the only water meter available today that is MID-certified for R1000 accuracy, a new standard in precision for measuring water consumption at low flows and increased accuracy in customer billing.

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Source: Itron