News | October 27, 2003

Immersion MicroScribe Digitizer Now Supports MAYA Metrix Build!IT Software

Source: MAYA Metrix
SAN JOSE, Calif., and Montreal, Canada, September 2003 –Immersion Corp., a leading developer of 3D and force-feedback products and technologies, and MAYA Metrix, a leader in 3D surfacing and dimensional measurement and inspection applications, today introduced MAYA Metrix Build!IT software support for Immersion MicroScribe systems. This hardware and software combination gives engineers in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries a new tool for inspecting parts and assemblies.

"Metrix Build!IT support for the MicroScribe system broadens our customer base beyond the current CAD/CAM and graphic arts applications. Any engineer working on a complex mechanical assembly needs effective inspection tools to make sure parts will fit together properly," said Greg Belaus, senior director of 3D business group for Immersion. "With MAYA Metrix adding Build!IT software support, the MicroScribe system is now a viable, affordable and portable tool for manufacturing inspection processes."

In addition to digitizing, engineers using MicroScribe systems with Metrix Build!IT can perform dimensional inspections using native 3D CAD master models, reducing potential errors that otherwise could impact processes downstream. Users can also efficiently build tools for the manufacturing process by measuring and building manufacturing assembly fixtures. Metrix Build!IT simply shows the user where to move the MicroScribe system to locate points and details in the assembly in order to move parts into place.

"Our goal is to support a wide range of measurement hardware, providing our customers with a single metrology software platform," said Arnold Free, Vice President of business development, MAYA Metrix. "Our customers have requested MicroScribe system support because it is a nice alternative to competitors arms; it is about one-fourth the cost and more portable, which is exactly what our customers want, especially customers doing reverse-engineering work on automotive parts."

Pricing & Availability
Through the end of 2003 Immersion will be offering special bundles featuring a MicroScribe G2X system and Metrix Build!IT software for one low price:
List price for Metrix Build!IT = $9,500
List price for MicroScribe G2X system = $3,995
Unbundled list price = $13,495
Special bundled price (Metrix Build!IT and MicroScribe G2X) = $9,995 (until 12/31/03)
Customer savings = $3,500, or over 25%
The bundle is available through Immersion's resellers.

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MAYA Metrix is dedicated to providing advanced surfacing, part inspection and real-time geometry-based tool building solutions and services. Today MAYA Metrix is a leader in 3D surfacing and metrology applications for the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. MAYA's Metrix Build!IT software is used by inspectors, tool builders and engineers worldwide to help them solve their design and manufacturing challenges and improve product quality. Founded in 1982, MAYA Metrix is a division of MAYA H.T.T. Limited, a Montreal based Canadian engineering software and services company. MAYA is also an authorized North America Value Added Reseller of EDS Imageware Surfacing and Inspection software.

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Founded in 1993, Immersion Corp. is a recognized leader in developing, licensing and marketing 3D and haptic technology and products. Bringing value to markets where user/ product interaction needs to be made more compelling, safer or productive, Immersion helps its partners develop and increase competitive advantage and broaden market reach by making the use of touch sense feedback as critical a user experience as sight and sound. Immersion's technology is deployed across personal computing, entertainment, medical training, automotive and three-dimensional simulation markets. Immersion and its wholly owned subsidiaries hold more than 190 issued patents worldwide.