News | October 15, 2007

Honeywell Introduces HCH-1000 Series Capacitive Humidity Sensors


Minneapolis, MN - Honeywell recently introduced its HCH-1000 Series Capacitive Humidity Sensors. The HCH-1000 Series is a lower cost sensor solution delivering Honeywell's enhanced accuracy, response time and long-term stability for applications not requiring on-board active signal conditioning.

The HCH-1000 Series is in SIP (Single In-line Package) form and uses polyimide humidity sensing material; it does not require polarization and is compatible with wave soldering processes for easy installation. It offers a better response time, greater stability, higher maximum operating temperature compared to other competitive offerings, and is available in uncased and cased (for dust protection) versions.

Potential applications include humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air conditioning/air movement, hygrometers, humidity transmitters, printer/copier workstations, medical and weather stations.

SOURCE: Honeywell International