News | March 23, 2021

Handheld Inner Diameter Measuring Gauge For Tuyere Wear Control

These projects continue our work in solving widespread ID measurement challenges.

Operation of the device is based on the scanning of the tube inner surface by rotating laser head.

The gauge operates as follows: the operator inserts the laser head into required position inside the pipe. After pressing the Measurement button, the laser head begins rotating, the laser sensor scans the inner surface of the pipe, and the built-in controller receives the polar coordinates of the surface (the distance from the axis of rotation measured by the laser sensor and the corresponding rotation angle measured by the encoder). The controller calculates the required parameters (minimum, maximum and average diameters, roundness). Measurement data can be accumulated in the gauge memory and transferred to the database on the PC.

The device has following parameters, which can be changed on request (minimum measurable diameter = 9 mm):



ID measurement range, mm


Measurement accuracy, mm


Measurement depth, mm


Detailed Manual is available here at

Demo video is available here at

Source: Riftek LLC