News | February 23, 2023

Geometry And Stress Calculation Of Hirth Couplings

KISSsoft offers the calculation of geometry and contact stresses of Hirth couplings. Hirth couplings allow for the transmission of high torque between shafts. In KISSsoft, users can select a standard Hirth coupling offered by Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA or enter their own custom geometry for the calculation.

Strength and further geometry data are then calculated from the input geometry. The geometry inputs also include bolt patterns on the teeth.

The advantages of Hirth couplings are not only the high torque capabilities, but they are also detachable and indexable allowing the user to position two shafts relative to each other. In addition, Hirth joints also offer a precision self-centering coupling that avoid vibration.

After the geometry, material, and load inputs are specified, forces, stresses, safety factors, and additional geometry outputs are generated. The calculations used in KISSsoft are derived from the manual issued by the company Voith and extended according to DIN 6892 to determine permissible pressures.

Though the manufacturing of Hirth couplings can be expensive and time consuming, Gleason offers advanced solutions for their successful fabrication.

Source: KISSsoft AG