News | January 18, 2023

FMUSER Adds APP-Based PM-1A RF Power Meter Targeting More Precise And Cost-friendly VSWR And RF Power Measurement

Size Optimized FMUSER PM-1A RF Power Meter in the power measurement solution family, paired with APP monitoring and USB charge, help Lower Measurement Costs through Innovative Architecture

FMUSER Broadcast, a Total Solution Provider for AM, FM and TV broadcast engineering, is announcing an expanded product line with exciting new APP-based RF power meter PM-1A as part of the passive accessories family.

Main specifications are as follows:

  • Terms: Specifications
  • Model: FMUSER PM-1A Power Meter (5200W)
  • Monitoring: APP monitoring
  • Manufacturer: FMUSER
  • Accurate Frequency Range: 85-110Mhz (FM band 87-108mhz included).
  • Measurement besides 85-110 MHz: Yes, but it may not be as accurate as measuring inside the 85-110 MHz freq range.
  • Measuring Power Range: 1-5,200W. Long-time power measuring for less than 3kW is NOT RECOMMENDED, or it will bring severe damage to the power meter.
  • Power Measurement: CW (continuous-wave)
  • Maximum Power: 5,200W
  • Impedance (Input/Output): 50Ω
  • Rated Power: 1W-5,000W
  • Insert VSWR: ≤1.03
  • Coupling Isolation: ≥32 dBc
  • Digital Display: Digital
  • Data Connection: Bluetooth
  • Power Supply: Type-C, 5V
  • Input Connector Type: L29 DIN Male
  • Output Connector Type: L29 DIN Female
  • Power Connector: TYPE-C
  • Dimensions in MM (protrusions part are excluded): 152 (W) x 35 (D) x 40 (H)
  • Net Weight: 600 g
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -10℃ to 40℃
  • Suggested Operating Temperature: <60°C
  • Suggested Operating Altitude: <4500M
  • Material (Power Meter): Aluminum alloy
  • Material (Package Box): Plastic

Combing APP monitoring and highly precise RF power measurement technology, FMUSER PM-1A RF power meter, one of the prime products of this new series, significantly improves the monitoring efficiency and lower the cost of RF measurement, targeting wider range of professional measurement, such as FM radio transmitter forwarding power and reflected power measurement, radio station antenna VSWR measurement, working temperature and other complex parameters measurement. In addition, the new RF power meter FMUSER PM-1A offers extra power measurement availability for multiple frequency range, specifically delivering high accuracy monitoring while in the 85-110MHz freq range and 1-5,000W power range.

Other available accuracy of FMUSER PM-1A RF power meter is tested as follows (85-110mhz):

  • ±30% accuracy within power 1w-10w
  • ±20% accuracy within power 10w-100w
  • ±5% accuracy within power 100w-500w
  • ±2.5% accuracy within power 500w-1000w
  • ±1.5% accuracy within power 1000w-5000w

"FMUSER continues to bolster product line by introducing APP-based RF power meter and alike measurement devices," said Tomleequan, the product management president of FMUSER Broadcast. "Expanding our already broad server product line gives customers even more choices for their specific RF power measurement background. We can quickly offer optimized RF measurement device for worldwide customers aimming at higher precision RF measuremnt with lower cost."

About FMUSER Broadcast
FMUSER PM-1A is the first APP-based remote monitoring RF power meter in the industry. Different from traditional meters, FMUSER PM-1A RF power meter is smaller and more convenient to carry. The USB power cord and manual will be packed in a 17cm*8cm*5 cm green plastic box. The Bluetooth design reduces the difficulty of data observation and improves the readlability of RF power measurement. Because of its fixed frequency range of FM band 85-110MHz, FMUSER PM-1A RF power meter is also suitable for various small and medium FM radio stations.

Source: FMUSER Broadcast