Company Profile | September 3, 1999

Federal Products Co. Storefront

Source: Mahr Federal Inc.
Federal Products Co. Storefront Federal Products Co. merged with Carl Mahr Holding GmbH of Goettingen, Germany to form the third largest full-line producer of dimensional metrology instruments worldwide. The new company, Mahr Federal Inc., is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. The Mahr Group consists of 16 businesses with over 1500 employees and worldwide sales of approximately $170 million U.S.

The combined Mahr Federal line of precision gaging products includes: calipers and micrometers; test indicators; dial and digital indicators; mechanical, air and electronic gaging; dimensional standards; instruments for surface finish and geometry gaging; measuring instruments for threads and gears; length measuring instruments; gage calibration systems; custom gages; and polar and multi-sensor CMMs.