FARO to Display "Complete Spectrum of Measurement" at WESTEC

Source: FARO Technologies Inc.
Lake Mary, Fla. – January 20, 2003 -- FARO Technologies, Inc.'s coming appearance at WESTEC at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 24-27 (booth #5637) will showcase an industry first: The complete spectrum of measurement.

"The FARO Gage, Platinum FaroArm and FARO Laser Tracker demonstrate how we cover the complete spectrum of measurement needs: from machinists requiring two-tens accuracy, to large-part manufacturers testing components hundreds of feet in size" said Simon Raab, President & CEO of FARO. "FARO now offers what no other company in our field can: a total measurement solution."

The FARO Gage features .0002" accuracy, an easy-to-use touch-screen interface, a magnetic mount for true portability, and requires no training – perfect for machinists. Although it is simple enough for shop-floor personnel to use, the FARO Gage also provides the 3-D graphical and tabular SPC reports that quality control managers need. Priced less than $20,000, the Gage is the most affordable, accurate and advanced portable measurement arm in manufacturing history.

The Platinum FaroArm shares the mounting options and some other features of the Gage, but offers .0005" accuracy and is available in four- to 12-foot configurations and enables users to inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-Part-analysis. Its adaptable 3D measurement technology and customized zero-training Soft-Tools (with or without CAD) make it ideal for forming, molding, fabricating, casting and assembly facilities needing GD&T and SPC output. Despite being durable enough for harsh manufacturing environments, it is considerably lighter than standard portable CMMs, and includes eight-hour on-board batteries.

The FARO Laser Tracker uses an ultra-precise laser beam to allow operators to measure and inspect objects up to 230 ft. while on-site and in-process. It offers portability in measurement with high accuracy (.001") -- and faster measuring speeds and larger working envelopes -- than any other optical method. With its greater angular resolution, repeatability and accuracy, it advances already-proven tracker technology with SuperADM (Super Absolute Distance Measurement). This very high-speed distance measuring capability allows the user to measure effectively even if the laser beam has been interrupted.

FARO's portable CMMs enable manufacturing, engineering and quality control professionals to measure and inspect parts, machine tools and other objects on-site, in-process or wherever it's most efficient and cost-effective. The Company's three new products represent the culmination of two decades of R & D with more than 10 new pending patents for innovations in accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

FARO Technologies Inc.