News | June 6, 2006

FARO Showed New PowerGAGE At Delcam

Source: Delcam PLC

FARO UK will demonstrated its new PowerGAGE at a free workshop held at Delcam's Birmingham headquaters on 6th June. The PowerGAGE,which saw its UK launch at the recent MACH exhibition, is a new measurement device that adds CAD-to-part analysis capability to the FARO Gage product line.

The FARO PowerGAGE is the only portable measurement device that enables manufacturers to verify that a part meets the CAD file's specs to within .0002 of an inch – right on the machine that's producing the part. It is different from its FARO Gage and Gage-PLUS counterparts in that it incorporates Delcam's PowerINSPECT software, allowing it to perform part-to-CAD analysis.

When equipped with both of PowerINSPECT's Programmer and Play-Only modules, PowerGAGE users can:

  • Create inspection programs/routines offline for anyone in the facility to run
  • Import all major industry CAD formats
  • Perform surface inspection against master CAD files
  • Receive on-screen instructions including images and videos
  • Access a full suite of geometric inspection tools
  • Automatically optimize the viewing angle of the part as they measure
  • Save all inspection data and run customized reports

The PowerGAGE, which resembles a short, metallic arm, is a high-tech, yet user-friendly manufacturing inspection device. Instead of taking the part to an expensive fixed CMM in a climate-controlled room, users can mount the PowerGAGE directly to the where the part is being made. As the user traces the arm's tip over the part's entire surface, the system's laptop computer verifies all of the part's 3-D measurements against the original CAD file – the digital "blueprint" – to see if it was made correctly and, if not, where it needs to be corrected, thus reducing scrap, re-work and labour costs.

SOURCE: Delcam plc