News | October 23, 2023

FARO Releases Next Generation Cloud Platform, Sphere XG

  • Sphere XG expands 3D cloud processing, viewing and collaboration to a broad set of FARO and industry capture devices including stationary, mobile, and iPhone LiDAR scanners, and 360° cameras
  • Tight integration with FARO’s Orbis mobile scanner provides automated processing from the field directly into the cloud for a seamless workflow
  • Streamlined viewing, collaboration and management of 3D data and images from a broad set of capture devices eliminating waste in the management of 3D and 4D information

FARO Technologies, a leading provider of 3D measurement, imaging, and realization solutions, is excited to introduce FARO Sphere XG: The Next-Generation Digital Reality Platform.

Sphere XG is a unified cloud platform that empowers construction, operations, and geospatial professionals to effortlessly view, measure, analyze and share all reality capture data over time within a single, cohesive environment, spanning cloud, mobile, and desktop. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate data from an extensive range of capture methods, including stationary scanning, mobile scanning, iPhone LiDAR scanning, and 360° photo capture over time. This latest iteration of the platform democratizes data access, fostering improved remote collaboration and more efficient decision-making processes among teams and stakeholders.

"We are thrilled to introduce Sphere XG, a platform that will redefine the way professionals approach reality capture and analysis," said Peter Lau, President & Chief Executive Officer for FARO. "With Sphere XG, we aim to empower our customers with the latest technology, enabling them to easily realize the benefits of 3D capture and virtual management all within a single cloud environment.”

Sphere XG offers unified data integration through cloud-based services, desktop applications, and mobile apps. This unique multi-modal platform enables users to easily combine 360° photos, 3D point clouds, and BIM models all in one platform. The platform accelerates time to consumption by seamlessly routing data to the cloud for automated processing, streamlining the entire process. Additionally, Sphere XG automatically integrates with its recently released Orbis mobile scanner providing a comprehensive visual overview of projects. The platform underscores FARO’s commitment to growing alongside its customers and their technology needs.

Source: FARO