FARO Releases CAM2 Measure 3.9

Source: FARO Technologies Inc.
Lake Mary, Fla. – October 10, 2002 -- FARO Technologies Inc. announced the release of CAM2 Measure version 3.9 – the first full release to support both the new Platinum FaroArm and the FARO Laser Tracker. The new version introduces a dynamic measurement environment where the software accommodates any change the user makes – such as taking additional points on a feature or modifying the alignment – by automatically recalculating the entire measurement job.

"It is common for an operator to miss some important points during the routine measurement of a large part, or to want to change the way the software aligns to the part," said Ken Steffey, FARO Software Product Development Manager. "This new software provides the operator with the freedom to consider multiple fitting-and-analysis scenarios, or correct an error, without having to re-measure the whole job. The part-analysis options for the user are also updated and expanded. Version 3.9 goes beyond user friendly to user enabling because operators can now work more efficiently and produce measurement results that can more quickly be brought to bear on a manufacturing problem."

Considering the need for clear information that improves the manufacturing process, CAM2 Measure 3.9 adds deviation "whiskers" – stubble-sized graphic indicators – on every measured point that differs from the exact part specification. It shows not only where the problem is, but also indicates how far out of tolerance the feature is.

Simon Raab, President & CEO of FARO said, "Manufacturing engineers can now visually identify deviation points on the part. They can see exactly where it's not up to specification, identify the root cause, improve their process and reduce operation costs."


  • Supports FARO Laser Tracker and new Platinum and Titanium FaroArms
  • Stores the individual measurement points (readings) that are then best fit into the part's geometry.
  • Readings can be added or deleted from an existing feature.
  • The form fit of each reading can be viewed numerically or on-screen as a deviation whisker.
  • Dynamic measurement recalculation enables users to evaluate different scenarios or compensate for operator errors.
  • Color-coded Digital Read Out provides live feedback to the measured or nominal part geometry.
  • Square Tube measurement provides spring-back reports for all tube applications.
  • Enhanced device handling means users can combine the 230-foot range of the FARO Laser Tracker with the .0002-inch accuracy of the Platinum FaroArm on the same measurement job.
  • Device Position command automatically compensates for differences in temperature and material.

FARO Technologies Inc.