News | August 17, 2007

ESDI Introduces CaliBall With Mounting Plate


The CaliBall with Mounting Plate is a simple and easy to implement calibration tool utilized for performing the Round Ball Test used for the calibration of interferometric transmission spheres. In this new configuration, the kinematic mount for the original CaliBall is simply attached to a plate that fits the 4" bayonet mount of ESDI type optical mounts. This new mounting scheme allows the CaliBall to be centered at the focus of the transmission sphere with no additional hardware.

The mounting plate is complete with grasping holes to assist in attaching the CaliBall plate into the bayonet fixture of ESDI's multi-axis optical mounts. When mounted, the CaliBall will require minimal adjustment of the multi-axis positioner to be perfectly aligned to the interferometer output.

The CaliBall incorporates a 25.4mm diameter silicon nitride ball and kinematic mount. It may be used with any brand of transmission sphere. Transmission spheres with F/#s from F/0.65 to F/11 or beyond may be calibrated. CaliBall technology is a low cost alternative to buying and using reference spheres to achieve optimal calibration.

Just as with the original CaliBall, the CaliBall with Bayonet Mount comes in a carrying case along with a certificate on ball roundness and finish, and instructions for optimal use in performing calibrations.