Company Profile | October 4, 1999

Enviromega Inc.

Source: Enviromega Inc.
Enviromega Inc. Enviromega Inc. is an engineering firm providing services and software products for the wastewater and water treatment sectors. Our services include:
  • modeling contaminant fate in wastewater treatment (TOXCHEM+)
  • modeling disinfection and disinfection by products in water treatment (WatPro)
  • bench, pilot and full scale testing of trace contaminants
  • VOC and odor emission testing and inventories
  • VOC emissions modeling
  • Toxics regulatory review
  • Biofiltration for VOC and odor control
  • training for wastewater operation and toxic contaminant modeling
  • process evaluation and optimization (process audits)
Enviromega software products include TOXCHEM+ and WatPro. TOXCHEM+ predicts the fate of toxic contaminants and metal in wastewater collection and treatment systems. WatPro, a water treatment plant simulator, tracks CT and predicts disinfection and disinfection by product formation in water treatment. Enviromega provides on-site training to increase the value of the software to clients.

Enviromega has conducted comprehensive testing programs of VOC and odor emissions in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities in Canada and the U.S. EPA's Method 304 and serum bottle tests have been used to determine the biodegradation rate coefficients used in estimating emissions of VOCs from wastewater processes.

Enviromega provides comprehensive analyses of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities using procedures such as process audits and Comprehensive Performance Evaluations (CPEs). Process capacities and process bottlenecks that limit capacity are identified. Enviromega assists wastewater treatment plants in modifying processes and implementing operating strategies to increase capacity and improve performance. Enviromega also provides training modules to operating staff to extend the benefits of the optimized processes.

Optimization studies completed by Enviromega include:

  • Oxygen transfer efficiency
  • clarifier stress test
  • clarifier hydraulic evaluations
  • flow meter calibration
  • digester mixing efficiency
  • sand filter performance
Enviromega's goal is to provide superior service to our clients on each and every occasion. We work closely with clients to ensure that our studies respond precisely to their needs. Through a combination of toxics management and process optimization, we can assist our clients in achieving both reduced emissions of toxic contaminants and reduced operating costs. Our services have demonstrated that very large capital expenditures can be deferred by optimizing existing processes.

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