News | February 23, 2005

Delcam To Launch New CNC Version Of PowerINSPECT At Control

Source: Delcam PLC

Delcam will demonstrate new CNC-based inspection techniques in its PowerINSPECT inspection software at the Control exhibition to be held in Sinsheim, Germany from 26th to 29th April. The new CNC capabilities will allow PowerINSPECT to be programmed off-line for the inspection of sample parts against a master CAD model during production. Previously, the software could only undertake repeated inspection cycles through teach-and-learn methods.

Inspection against CAD data is becoming more important throughout the manufacturing cycle as most design data is now issued as CAD models rather than as drawings. The new PowerINSPECT off-line programming functionality will increase the productivity possible from any CNC co-ordinate measuring machine by eliminating the interruptions needed for manual programming. Full simulation capabilities within the software will allow the proposed inspection sequence to be tested on the computer, before being transferred to the CMM.

The CNC version offers all the benefits that have established PowerINSPECT as the world's leading hardware-independent software for manual inspection. The program gives both quick and easy comparison of tooling and sample components against CAD data, and produces clear, comprehensive reports that can be understood by everyone involved in the product development process, not just inspection specialists.

This easy to understand reporting allows reliable decisions to be made more quickly and errors corrected at lower cost.

Source: Delcam