News | July 10, 2006

Delcam Offers Free Evaluation Version Of PowerSHAPE CAD Software

Source: Delcam PLC

Potential users of Delcam's PowerSHAPE CAD software can now download a free evaluation version, PowerSHAPE-e from The evaluation version includes a set of tutorials showing how to use the software for product design and decoration.

PowerSHAPE-e includes all the surface and solid modelling tools from the latest PowerSHAPE release but not the PS-Electrode and PS-Moldmaker modules for toolmaking. Unlike most other free evaluation versions, the software can save part-completed models, so enabling longer projects to be undertaken in a series of sessions, and can also save an unlimited number of subsequent changes to the design.

"We believe that the new interface in PowerSHAPE 7 and unique tools like smart surfacing make it the easiest to use surface modeller on the market," claimed Delcam's CAD Development Director Stuart Watson. "We hope that this free evaluation version will encourage as many designers as possible to try the software."

"The current popularity of solid modelling has led many designers to believe that it is the only way to use CAD to speed the development of new designs," added Mr. Watson. "We hope that the free evaluation version will encourage more designers to experiment with surface modelling and so discover both that it is not as complex as they might have thought and also that it can be more versatile than solid modelling in many applications."

PowerSHAPE-e also includes a selection of 3D clip art so that users can experiment with Delcam's patented Total Modelling approach to design. Total Modelling allows textures, logos and other decorations to be added to CAD models more quickly and more flexibly than any other design technique. It provides the fastest method for the early "What if?" stage of concept design, allowing a far greater number of alternative proposals to be created and compared in a much shorter time.

SOURCE: Delcam plc