News | November 12, 2003

Customers Speak; FARO Responds with Gage 1.3 Software

Source: FARO Technologies Inc.
November 6, 2003 – FARO Technologies, Inc., fortified its position as the market-share leader in the portable coordinate measurement machine (CMM) field with its release of FARO Gage Software version 1.3.

"This is the most significant change to the software since the Gage was introduced," said FARO Software Product Manager Ken Steffey. "The enhancements were the direct result of responding to our customers' suggestions."
Of the dozen new features, the most noteworthy are:
Alignment Assistant: Instead of having the user choose from four alignment options, the software intuitively selects the alignment based on the part measured. The selection can be overridden if necessary.

3-D Caliper with Coordinate Systems: While other gages restrict the user to single directions, 3-D Caliper feature enables FARO Gage users to quickly perform offset checks in three dimensions from part zero (the original measurement point).

GD&T Position: Empowers users to track/report the positions of circles and holes, then determine functional tolerance.
"This bring GD&T to the shop floor," FARO President & CEO Simon Raab said. "That capability is unheard of for such an inexpensive portable CMM."

Copy/Paste Features and Dimensions: When in "Edit" mode, users can quickly program tools by copying a measured part or feature, then pasting it as many times as necessary, similar to how words and sentences are copied and pasted in text document.

Unit Changes: Ideal for shops working with both the metric system and U.S. Standard measure, this enhancement enables users to switch from inches to millimeters, and vice versa, on the main screen.

Report Logo: Due to popular demand, FARO Gage users can display their company logo on all of the Gage's reports.
The software version 1.3 will be included with all new FARO Gage shipments, while existing customers will receive upgrades.