News | August 28, 2023

CRAIC Technologies Launches GeoImage Imaging Photometer For Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements

The GeoImage microscope imaging photometer is a high-performance instrument with advanced optical capabilities for analyzing materials at a microscale level.

CRAIC Technologies, a leading innovator in scientific instrumentation for microscopy and microanalysis, is proud to announce the release of the GeoImage Imaging Photometer for Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements. This powerful new instrument is designed to provide petrologists, geologists, petroleum engineers, and researchers with a reliable and precise method of measuring and mapping the vitrinite reflectance of geological samples.

The GeoImage Imaging Photometer combines high-resolution imaging with advanced photometric analysis, allowing users to accurately determine the amount of light reflected by vitrinite macerals in coal and other organic-rich materials. The instrument features a specially designed imaging system that captures high-quality images of the sample, which are then analyzed using advanced photometric algorithms to calculate the vitrinite reflectance. In addition to vitrinite reflectance measurements and imaging, GeoImage may also be configured for point counting. GeoImage is truly a fast and reliable multi-purpose tool for coal, coke and petroleum source rock analysis.

"We are excited to introduce the GeoImage Imaging Photometer to the geology and petroleum communities," said Dr. Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies. "This instrument represents a significant advancement in the field of vitrinite reflectance measurements, offering users a powerful and user-friendly tool with unmatched speed of analysis."

In addition to its advanced imaging and photometric capabilities, the GeoImage Imaging Photometer is also equipped with a range of features to enhance user productivity and efficiency. These include a motorized sample stage, a high-resolution color camera, and a powerful software suite for data analysis and manipulation. This means that the system can be used in either a manual or automated measurement mode. "We have designed the GeoImage Imaging Photometer with the needs of our users in mind," said Dr. Martin. "With its advanced features and user-friendly design, we believe it will become an essential tool for geologists and petroleum engineers alike."

The GeoImage Imaging Photometer is available now and can be purchased directly from CRAIC Technologies or through its authorized distributors. For more, visit

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