News | May 4, 2023

Compact, Versatile Spectrometers For Application Flexibility

New Ocean SR series offers high-speed spectral acquisition and excellent SNR performance

Orlando, FL /PRNewswire/ - Ocean Optics, a brand of Ocean Insight, introduces compact, versatile Ocean SR series spectrometers distinguished by their rapid spectral acquisition speed and high signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance.

Each SR model offers different performance strengths, which the user can harness to optimize setups for specific measurement requirements: SR2 for speed and high SNR, SR4 for high resolution, and SR6 for high sensitivity.

Ocean SR spectrometers are effective for applications ranging from measuring distinct spectral peaks in plasmas and emission sources to detecting subtle UV and visible absorbance changes in DNA, proteins and other biological samples.

Also, SR spectrometers are well suited for integration into customized systems for high-volume industrial and OEM applications. Each SR spectrometer comes in variations covering wavelength ranges within the UV, Visible and Shortwave NIR ranges, offers entrance slit options in widths from 5 μm to 200 μm, and couples to Ocean Optics light sources, optical fibers and sampling optics to optimize configurations for various applications.

Ocean SR spectrometers are compatible with OceanView spectroscopy software and come with OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface. With its library of functions, OceanDirect allows users to optimize spectrometer performance and access critical data for analysis. OceanDirect also enables High Speed Averaging Mode, a hardware-accelerated signal averaging tool that markedly enhances spectrometer SNR per unit time. This promotes higher quality spectra and more accurate results.

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Source: Ocean Optics

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