News | January 18, 2021

Clear-Cut, Straightforward Measurements For Big And Heavy Parts

The VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator Super-Extended 500 Series is a measuring system that boasts excellent clearance, precision, and ease of use. Manufactured by VISIONx, the machine is equipped to handle loads up to 300 pounds and travel up to 60 inches, making it the ideal choice for measuring big and heavy parts.

“Every facet of this system is designed for rigidity and usability,” said Jon Dobosenski, VisionGauge Product Manager at Methods Machine Tools Inc., VISIONx’s exclusive North American distributor. “The digital optical comparator is a replacement for traditional, cumbersome comparators, giving users greater accuracy, faster results, and increased throughput.”

Operators place parts on the X-axis, which has precision rails and a floor-mounted granite base for improved stability. The camera is mounted on the Z-axis, while the entire assembly moves along the Y-axis. This unique construction enables the Y and Z axes to move independently from the X-axis that supports the part’s weight. This innovative configuration provides superior rigidity and eliminates mechanical deflections. Everything is optimized to allow the system to produce exact measurements of long and heavy parts.

At the core of every VISIONx system is robust yet straightforward part analysis software that reduces inspection time and provides accurate, repeatable results for all operator skillsets. Producing crisp, detailed images on a high-resolution monitor, the system also makes it easy to highlight defects and export images. The programmable illumination modules light the part’s front and rear, eliminating glare and reflections, enabling ideal, reproducible lighting conditions.

Benefits such as Power-Focus and Auto-Focus enable operators to capture exact images more quickly. All of the axes have 0.25 micron resolution encoders for superior accuracy and positional feedback. The machine has an immense depth of field, putting a greater amount of a part’s surface area into focus. Long travel systems and superior clearance amplify the machine’s capacity, making the machine ideal for measuring big and heavy components.

Patented technology such as the CAD Auto-Align and CAD Auto Pass/Fail tools allows users to compare parts to CAD data on the shop floor without needing an overlay or template. And since the CAD data tracks the part and follows its stage of motion, operators can compare the piece to the CAD data beyond the optical field of view.

Automated image/data collection functionality ensures optimal usability. Various functions are fully automatic, such as image creating, collection, reporting of measurement and inspection data, and computing and displaying nominal deviations.

Additionally, little to no programming is involved. VisionGauge’s advanced measurement and inspection toolset provide seamless image analysis.

“All you need is a part and a CAD file,” Dobosenski said. “Quick and accurate inspection is essential to keep production moving. Forgoing setting up measurement environments and calibrating intricate settings saves valuable time and gives you that extra boost to your bottom line.”

VISIONx is continually improving and updating its software for the measuring system. The latest version, released in early December 2020, adds numerous numerical and string variable options to the toolbox, expanding its operations and making complex measurements easier for the user. With these features, users can record and index various parameters for automated inspection, tracking and tagging inspected parts, and much more.

Source: Methods Machine