Case Study

Case Study: Chrysler® Group Improving Quality Control One Part At A Time

Source: Coherix Corporation, an X-Rite Co.
With manufacturing plants throughout the world, producing parts for a wide variety of automobiles, Chrysler® Group recognizes that quality control must be exercised with perfection in its entire manufacturing value chain. At Chrysler® Group's Kokomo Transmission Plant in Kokomo, Indiana, automobile transmissions are assembled from hundreds of parts and cut with precision instruments.

Redefining Flatness Measurement

Flatness measurement is a critical component to Chrysler® Group's transmission assembly. Each part is machined within a strict tolerance range as set by product design engineers and pass final inspection before being released to the manufacturing assembly process. Through the use of traditional CMM instruments, Chrysler® Group identified and maintained acceptable flatness standards. However, in the pursuit of higher part quality, the company wanted a method to measure a greater level of flatnessper- inch to increase performance of its plant's "Finishing Operation". To do this, they required an instrument able to provide them an actual"fingerprint", or cut pattern for each part. Their existing CMMs only provided a limited number of points of touch, and failed to deliver the necessary measurement information. That's when Coherix introduced Chrysler® Group to the HoloMapper®.

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