News | September 27, 2023

Brabender Presents Modern Measuring Technology At iba 2023

The world’s leading manufacturer of measurement and process technology solutions for the laboratory sector is presenting several instrument innovations at iba 2023 in Hall B3, Booth 444. The new measuring technology impresses not only with its modern design, but also with the latest technologies for precise, automated and thus time-saving measuring processes as well as maximum user-friendliness.

The International Bakery Exhibition (iba) in Munich is the leading world trade fair for the bakery sector, confectionery industry and food retailing and has been attracting numerous trade visitors since 1949. From October 22 to 26, the trade fair opens its doors to interested parties from all over the world. Brabender will also be there as an exhibitor: “We are looking forward to the opportunity to make contacts and exchange ideas. The iba is also the first trade fair at which we will appear together with our new parent company, the Anton Paar Group”, says Dr. Matthias Mayser, Head of the Food and Feed Application Laboratory at Brabender. In August of this year, the international measurement technology specialist Anton Paar had taken over the traditional German company Brabender.

Just in time for its 100th birthday this year, Brabender is presenting four new products exclusively at the trade show in Hall B3 at Booth 444: The focus of the ten-device exhibition is on the new generations of the FarinoGraph, the ExtensoGraph and the GlutoPeak, as well as the Cubilyzer 300 – an optical measuring device for determining a volume and dimensional profile of baked goods.

In addition, visitors to the trade fair will also find proven solutions such as the Amylograph-E, the MT-CA moisture analyzer or the Brabender ViscoQuick. For the first time at iba, the Litesizer DIA 500, a metrological solution from the Anton Paar Group, will be presented. With this dynamic image analyzer, the size and shape of particles can be characterized easily and reliably by directly analyzing the particle images.

Another highlight at the booth is the walk-in demo lab, where live samples are measured and visitors are introduced to the functionality and benefits of Brabender equipment. Finally, a laboratory automation system developed by Brabender offers a glimpse into the future.

FarinoGraph: One of the world’s most important devices of its kind
Carl Wilhelm Brabender, founder of Brabender GmbH & Co. KG, launched the first Farinograph back in 1928. 95 years later, Brabender presents the latest version of one of the world’s most important and best-known devices for determining the water absorption capacity of flour and the rheological properties of doughs for quality control in accordance with international and national standards. Basically, the new FarinoGraph is suitable for all types of dough – whether gluten-free, sponge dough, rye flour or hard cookie dough.

In addition to the modern device design, the FarinoGraph scores with numerous technical developments for precise and efficient measurements – with a focus on automated and time-saving processes. Artificial intelligence predicts the measurement curve based on previous measurements: “The function is called Brabender Prediction, which checks and calculates the evaluation points during the measurement and makes a prediction of the torque curve in real time. With the help of this live feedback, the measurement can be ended prematurely and the predicted values used instead”, reveals Viktor Schäfer, Business Development Manager Software Solutions at Brabender.

The so-called auto-stop function ensures that the device stops after the measurement is complete, thus saving time: “Many customers plan a buffer time for the measurements so that the measurements are also complete. With the Auto-Stop function, this time is now eliminated as soon as all evaluation points have been reached”, says Schäfer. The measuring kneader of the new FarinoGraph has a built-in sensor that measures the sample temperature of doughs. The optionally available ClimateLogger, which can be connected via Bluetooth, detects the ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure and transmits these values directly to Brabender MetaBridge, the FarinoGraph’s standard software.

More efficiency with 3-Phase System
With the determination of the water absorption of the flour and the kneading behavior of the dough, the FarinoGraph forms the first stage of the proven 3-Phase System, which maps the production of bakery and pasta products on a laboratory scale in a holistic and practical way. In the second stage of the 3-Phase System, the ExtensoGraph determines processing properties and the gas retention capacity of the dough. The recorded extensogram can be used to determine reliable information on subsequent baking behavior. For example, the influence of flour additives, such as enzymes or ascorbic acid, is determined.

Finally, the third stage follows with the Amylograph, which analyzes the gelatinization properties of starch as well as enzyme activity and baking properties of flour.

New ExtensoGraph as an all-in-one solution
The ExtensoGraph for measuring the elongation resistance and extensibility of doughs is also a novelty at the trade show: In addition to the proven all-in-one solution, the new version of the laboratory solution is now available as a modular system that combines three units and thus processes at once:

  • ExtensoPrep: round and long working of the dough
  • ExtensoFerm: Fermentation of the dough
  • ExtensoBase: Stretching the dough

The ExtensoGraph as a compact device is more space-saving than its predecessor. It has an already built-in computer with touch screen and the well-known MetaBridge software.

The modular components can be used alternatively or as a supplement to the compact ExtensoGraph. For example, the ExtensoFerm as a capacity extension of the integrated fermentation chamber allows simultaneous fermentation of a higher quantity of dough samples. The use of two ExtensoBase components as a “two-hook system” ensures faster and improved duplication of measurement results. Further advantages of the ExtensoGraph are integrated heating and automatic recording of fermentation room humidity as well as temperature. Optionally, the recording of room temperature and humidity is also possible here with the ClimateLogger.

GlutoPeak: Proven measurement principle paired with new functions
Another possible addition to the 3-Phase System is the GlutoPeak. This device measures the gluten quality of meal, flour, vital gluten, and baking mixes in a rapid procedure. This makes it suitable as a rapid method for determining the quality of incoming cereals. “With the new GlutoPeak, we have also opted for a compact design and integrated computer with touchscreen as well as MetaBridge software. The device’s automatically lowerable measuring head ensures a uniform lowering speed, thus eliminating the user’s influence on the measurement result”, emphasizes Schäfer. In addition, the new GlutoPeak has integrated temperature control using Peltier elements. In addition to its proven measuring principle, the new version of the GlutoPeak is characterized by its compactness, which eliminates the need for external peripherals (computer, keyboard, thermostat). The MetaBridge and the included Rapid Flour Check, Rapid Gluten Check and Low Protein Check methods offer additional advantages in test evaluation.

Cubilyzer 300 creates digital models in 2D and 3D
The new Cubilyzer 300 precisely and reproducibly determines the volume of bakery products, such as bread, rolls, cakes, muffins and other foods in the solid state. The measurement is performed via optical inspection:

“Via two line lasers and two cameras in combination with a stepper motor control, a digital 2- and 3D model is generated from which the measurement results are derived”, explains Viktor Schäfer. Thus, the device determines parameters such as volume and volume yield, density,

bread length, width, height, cross-section, weight, color and compares breads. Compared to the conventional rape displacement method according to Neumann/Doose, the Brabender Cubilyzer 300 offers a time-saving and significantly simplified measuring process without auxiliary equipment and with fast changeover and cleaning times.

Brabender is looking forward to numerous visitors after the long break due to the Corona pandemic. In addition to the equipment demonstrations, the experts at the booth will be available to answer questions regarding the challenges in quality control of bakery raw materials as well as the development of new bakery products and recipes.

Source: Brabender GmbH & Co. KG