Company Profile | September 3, 1999

Association for Manufacturing Technology Storefront

Source: Association for Manufacturing Technology
Association for Manufacturing Technology Storefront For over ninety years AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology has been dedicated to supporting and enhancing the activities of American manufacturers. Since its founding, the association's goals have been based on a four-fold agenda:
  • To be an effective spokesman for the industry it represents and promote better understanding by government, the public, and all others.
  • To provide members with the latest information on technical developments, training methods, economic issues, and trade and marketing opportunities.
  • To encourage and foster higher safety and technical standards and to promote technological advancements and improvements in the design, manufacture and sale of members' products.
  • To gather and disseminate information about world markets, promote members' products in those markets, and act as an industry spokesman on trade matters to governments and trade organizations throughout the world.
In pursuit of those goals, the association's full-time staff of over 70 works on a wide variety of programs, publications, seminars and services, all designed to put AMT's 360+ member companies in the vanguard of industrial technology.