News | May 4, 2023

AmadeTech Introduces A New Set Of IP Water Resistance Test Equipment

Water resistance is a key feature for many electronic products, especially those that are exposed to outdoor or humid environments. However, how can you ensure that your products meet the required standards of water resistance and can withstand different levels of water exposure?

This is where new AmadeTech IP test equipment comes in handy. IP stands for Ingress Protection, which is a rating system that defines the degree of protection against solid and liquid ingress for electrical enclosures. The IP rating consists of two digits: the first one indicates the protection against solid objects, such as dust or dirt, and the second one indicates the protection against water ranging from 0 to 9K. With higher numbers indicating higher levels of water resistance.

Steven Chow, a technical engineer from AmadeTech, says: “With AmadeTech waterproofing test equipment, such as rain test chambers, you can make the water resistance of your products visible and transparent to your customers, and you can also gain a competitive edge in the market by demonstrating your compliance with international standards and regulations. Whether you need to test your products for indoor or outdoor use, for consumer or industrial applications, or for low or high-pressure water exposure, AmadeTech has the right test device for you.”

A new set of IP water resistance test equipment introduced by AmadeTech include:

  • IPX1/IPX2 Drip Test equipment: This device can simulate dripping water from different angles, exposing the specimen to raindrops for a specified duration.
  • IPX3/IPX4 Spray Test equipment: This device can simulate spraying water from different directions and subject the specimen to spraying water for a specified time.
  • IPX5/IPX6 Jet Test Device: This device can simulate jetting water from different nozzles and pressures and allow the specimen to be splashed for a given duration.
  • IPX7 Immersion Test Device: This water tank accepts a specimen to simulate immersion in water at different depths and durations.
  • IPX8 Pressure Test Device: This device can simulate immersion in water at higher depths and pressures than IPX7.
  • IPX9K high-pressure and high-temperature test device: This device can simulate high-pressure and high-temperature water jets from different angles and distances.

Source: AmadeTech