News | November 25, 2019

PVA TePla America And Covalent Metrology Announce Collaboration

PVA TePla America has established an applications lab at Covalent Metrology’s Silicon Valley facility. The companies plan to jointly develop advanced non-destructive imaging capabilities.

PVA TePla America, a leading equipment manufacturer and supplier of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) and Plasma Treatment systems, has signed a cooperative agreement with Covalent Metrology, a leading provider of analytical services to advanced materials innovation companies.

Under the agreement, several advanced Scanning Acoustic Microscopes will be installed at Covalent’s Sunnyvale, CA laboratory, and both companies will be offering development and analytical services on the instruments to their respective customers.

SAM utilizes ultrasound waves to non-destructively examine internal structures, interfaces and surfaces of packaged or non-transparent substrates and parts. The resulting acoustic signatures can be constructed into three-dimensional images which are analyzed to detect and characterize device flaws such as cracks, delamination, inclusions and voids in bonding interfaces, as well as to evaluate soldering and other interface connections.

Bill Marsh, President of PVA TePla America, stated, “Covalent Metrology is developing a team of the very best metrology engineers while combining the best-in-class metrology equipment available in order to provide premier contract services to clients in the heart of Silicon Valley. PVA TePla is pleased to work in collaboration with Covalent’s experienced team and hopes that together we can bring new and unique solutions to enable today’s most advanced technologies to rapidly enter the market.”

Craig Hunter, CEO of Covalent stated, “PVA TePla is a recognized technical leader in acoustic microscopy and we are delighted that they have decided to establish their applications lab at Covalent. Collaboration with leading instrument manufacturers is a great win for everyone involved. Our customers gain convenient access to state-of-the-art capabilities and expertise, and PVA TePla secures a cost-effective, strategic and central location with significant customer traffic.”

Source: PVA TePla