News | June 30, 2020

NM3D Iberian Celebrates Partnership With North American Company Automated Precision Inc. (API)

The NM3D Iberian and API , US company with over 30 years experience in laser technology announce partnership for distribution of advanced products Laser Tracker metrology in the Iberian Peninsula.

API's Laser Tracker products and technology complete the portfolio of state-of-the-art metrology solutions and equipment provided by NM3D IBÉRICA. As an authorized API supplier, NM3D IBÉRICA shows enthusiasm in providing advanced RADIAN laser equipment from API to meet the needs of its customers through fast and highly accurate 3D measurement solutions.

As a supplier of metrology equipment, NM3D IBÉRICA has been marking a position in the market with several official partnerships with leading companies in the field such as NIKON Metrology, Renishaw, LK Metrology, Vylo and now API. NM3D IBÉRICA expects to continue to grow by offering the best solutions and services to its customers and partners.

Source: NM3D Iberian