Newsletter | May 9, 2008

05.09.08 -- Fluke Introduces Utility Multimeter For Solving Most Electrical Problems

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Top News Stories
Fluke Introduces Utility Multimeter For Solving Most Electrical Problems
Fluke Corporation has introduced a new, easy-to-use utility multimeter designed to help utility workers, linemen and electricians, to quickly diagnose electrical problems.

Sensor Products' Tactilus Takes Guesswork Out Of Heat Seals
Sensor Products Inc. offers its Tactilus line of dynamic electronic pressure-mapping systems to the packaging industry.

Metris iSpace Creates Large-Scale Metrology Workspace On The Spot
Metris announces the launch of iSpace at the 2008 Control Show. Metris iSpace activates a large scale metrology workspace, in which objects can be measured and tracked accurately.

Novellus Orders CyberOptics Semiconductor Metrology Tools To Maintain Systems Used In 300 mm Fabs
CyberOptics Semiconductor (CSI) recently announced that Novellus Systems has placed multiple orders for CSI's WaferSense Automatic Gapping System for use with Novellus VECTOR Express and VECTOR Extreme, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) Systems.

IDEAL Puts Insulation Testing In Palm Of Your Hand
IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a worldwide leader in tools and supplies for professional electricians, recently introduced its new 61-795 Insulation Tester.

Murata Introduces True-RMS Responding AC Ammeters With Built-In Current Transformers
Murata Power Solution's new Datel ACA-20RM series are the world's first true-RMS responding digital AC ammeters with built-in current transformers (CTs). They are able to provide direct measurement of the true-RMS values of complex, non-sinusoidal AC currents of between 2A and 50A.

AMETEK Petrolab Announces New Grabner MINIHYD Karl Fisher Moisture Meter
The new Grabner MINIHYD Karl Fisher (KF) moisture meter from AMETEK Petrolab has been specifically designed for the determining the water content of crude oil, petroleum products, liquids, gases and powders. The MINIHYD uses an absolute technique that gives very accurate results on water content within minutes without requiring the calibration of reagents.

Traceable Infrared Thermometer With Type K Probe
Control Company's Traceable Infrared Thermometer has a simple operation - turn on, point at sample, and take a reading in less than a second. Unit reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius of any surface - solids, semi-solids, and liquids.

AGRI-THERM II Infrared Thermometer By Everest Interscience Used To Measure Surface Temperatures For Agronomy And Environmental Science Research
The Everest Interscience AGRI-THERM II (Model 6110.4ZL) is a handheld, non-contact infrared thermometer that is used extensively all over the world to measure temperatures of targets in the natural environment.

Omron's New 2-Dimensional Profiling Laser Sensor Model ZG Simplifies Setup, Shortens Inspection Time And Reduces Hardware With A Built-In Display
Omron model ZG 2-dimensional profiling laser sensor completes a full height and width inspection to capture entire shapes by measuring the X and Z axis in a single pass in milliseconds.

New High-Performance Distance Measurement Sensor In A Compact Housing
SICK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for factory and logistics automation, recently announced the launch of the DS30 Distance Measurement Sensor. This new sensor enhances the company's position as the leader in distance measurement products.

Featured Download
Brochure: Infra Red Confocal Microscope - LEXT IR
The LEXT OLS-3000IR is our new near-IR laser based confocal microscope for nondestructive interior observation of silicon wafers, IC chips, MEMS and other devices.
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